We are showing the most interesting projects due to their sustainability, effectiveness and visibility. We rely on our capabilities to ensure the best comprehensive management for each endeavor.


Repair and maintenance center for rolling stock

Luanda (Angola)

The goal of this project is to provide the INCFA (Ministry of Transport) with the infrastructure and the complete equipment for the full operation of the facilities for the maintenance and repair of Multiple Diesel Units from the line Bungo - Bahia - Catete - NAIL, in the province of Luanda.


Road Rehabilitation and Bridge Construction

Benin (Benin)

Contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for Benin's economic and social development by improving part of its road network by accelerating the pace of construction, rehabilitation and asphalting works and by implementing a rigorous programme of maintenance and monitoring of the network.



Yaounde (Camerun)

The overall project consists of the construction of two new and modern hospital complexes offering high quality care with training and research facilities, a transit hotel and residences for medical staff, in the framework of the Ministry of Public Health's mission to develop new hospital complexes to combat diseases, contribute to the improvement of health services and the well-being of Cameroonians.


Management, operation and maintenance of the water supply system

Uige, Malanje and Ndalatando (Angola)

With the mission to reduce mortality from water-borne diseases among the population of Angola, the World Bank continues the development of the Water Sector Institutional Development Project (PDISA II).


Maximum Security Penitentiary Centre

Ndalatando (Angola)

The Government of Angola has prioritised the Prison Service as one of the most difficult sub-sectors in Angola, requiring urgent reform and rehabilitation. This project aims to contribute to the optimisation of Angola's internal security and to the improvement of living conditions and rehabilitation opportunities for inmates.


Supply and installation of rural electrification

Bengo (Angola)

The Bengo Provincial Government, as part of its policy for the socio-economic development of the province, has proposed an electrification plan to supply energy to selected areas of the province.


Design, supply and installation of airport equipment and fittings

Zaire (Angola)

The construction of the new M'Banza Kongo airport, in addition to representing the Executive's desire to boost the country's transport sector, is also one of the requirements of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) following the recent inclusion of the city of M'Banza Congo, the former capital of the Kingdom of the Congo, on the list of World Heritage Sites.


Technical support for providing potable water

Malanje (Angola)

Always trying to ensure global access to safe potable water, within the framework of Spanish Cooperation commitment with the water sector, we have developed a Technical Support Program in Angola to promote safe management of water resources.


Rural electrification

Luanda Sul, Cuando Cubango y Kwanza Sul (Angola)

Bearing in mind the energy self-supply required for efficient development, a supply of equipment is provided with the installation of autonomous photovoltaic kits for the generation of electricity in buildings and basic public service facilities, such as schools, health posts, police stations, local government buildings, community centres, etc., in addition to photovoltaic street lights for public lighting.


Supply of integral airport solutions

Catumbela (Angola)

Catumbela Airport, in the province of Benguela, has modernized its infrastructure, equipment and communication technology to become an international airport in order to address the need to decentralize Luanda's civil aviation. As well, support has been given to the development of the Lobito Corridor with respect to national mobility.