Commissionig of agricultural land

Senegal (Senegal)

Quantum implemented a turnkey project with technical assistance and training, which included the purchase of agricultural production for export. The goal of this agricultural center is to contribute to reducing social vulnerability in rural areas through the promotion of agricultural employment for young people and women.

Highlighting the following issues:

• Consistency of objectives and results with national and sectorial policies defined by the government.
• Positive, direct and measurable impact in communities and in final project beneficiaries, unemployed youngsters and the search for opportunities in their own region to ensure employment and to promote productive public and private investment.
• Efficiency and effectiveness of the assets in which the public administration invests for their rationality, efficacy and the added value obtained.
• Visibility and replicability of the initiative to achieve a "demonstration effect" that generates, apart from production, profitability and employment, a solid commitment to small and medium-scale entrepreneurship.
• Sustainability of the project: it is particularly important to ensure training for operators and other workers, as well as to guarantee their performance and the quality of the products, as well as the farm's profitability.

Implementation: Pending
Contract value: 106.000.000 €