Corporate Social Responsibility

In Quantum we have a strong commitment to improve the quality of life of those communities in which we carry on our activity.


Mukuru Promotion Centre - Nairobi - Kenya

In cooperation with the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, we have implemented a project in different schools of the MukuruPromotion Centre, located in the most populated district in Nairobi. Quantum has financed a study to evaluate the conditions of the sanitary water equipment and the access to drinking water in order to improve the functioning of the toilets in those schools. The aim is to reduce energy expenses and to facilitate water saving for the many thousands of children and youngsters that attend these educational centers. More information about this project here:

Cubal Hospital - Angola

Q uantum works in coordination with the Teresian Mothers in Cubal Hospital (province of Benguela) to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their costs. In order to do so, Quantum offers its expertise in the sector, as well as its relationship with companies which specialize in providing solar energy-based solutions.

AMREF Health África

As part of our social commitment, Quantum is one of the sponsors of the foundation AMREF Health Africa awarded Princess of Asturias Awards for International Cooperation 2018. Quantum collaborates in their campaign La Frontera VR, aimed at fighting against female genital mutilation:

Piano recital - Sylvia Torán

Event: Piano recital by Sylvia Torán - Bach Chopin.

When: October 12th, 20:00. Where: Casa das Artes - "Talatona" Luanda. Sponsor: Quantum Solutions Emerging Markets