Quantum - Pemena specializes in "special situations".


We pursue financing opportunities.


Financing frequently combines with the contribution of added value.

Quantum - Pemena

Specialized in "special situations". We pursue financing opportunities for sovereign States, private companies and public entities in Africa based on sovereign guarantee or a range of financial assets. Financing frequently combines with the contribution of added value, such as the implementation of infrastructure projects that have been funded through Quantum Solutions or products and raw materials through Pemena Trading.

• Non-guaranteed sovereign debt.
• Asset-based financing.
• Trade Finance.
• Repo.
• Deductions of the collection rights.

Pemena Trading is the Quantum's platform for raw materials trading.

• We manage price, coverage and exposition risk.
• We manage ships chartering and operation.
• We control shipping and risks.
• We monitor quality and quantity inspection, both in the ports of loading and in the ports of unloading.
• We ensure that goods comply with the specifications that have been previously agreed with importers.