Repair and maintenance center for rolling stock

Luanda (Angola)

The goal of this project is to provide the INCFA (Ministry of Transport) with the infrastructure and the complete equipment for the full operation of the facilities for the maintenance and repair of Multiple Diesel Units from the line Bungo - Bahia - Catete - NAIL, in the province of Luanda. In order to do so, we carried out the Implementation Project (Engineering), we prepared the ground for the construction of the facilities and the access route from Catete Station, we supplied and installed all the equipment to have a 100% functional maintenance shop and we trained the maintenance shop employees for their future work.

Implementation: 2018 - 2021
Contract value: 96.856.000€

Contracting Authority

Ministry of Transports of

Instituto Nacional de Caminhos de Ferro de Angola

Partner: Sacyr-Somague


CESCE: export credit insurance

Société Génerale: financing agent

MINFIN (Ministry of Finance): financial counterparty

INCFA: institutional and technical counterparty

Sacyr-Somague and Quantum: prime contractors